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Originally Posted by Hawaiinleaf View Post
My point is not that we fight all of the time....its that for 4 years the fight totals have declined for the the point this year that one player on another team has more fights than the entire team..its just an observation...

I am not a kid and played forward in Rugby for Brock University for 5 years and play semi pro now in Hawaii, i think i know a thing or two about being physical and gritty...

My point was only to note were getting progressively less physical...The Montreal game was a sham...we got killed on the boards and kessel got roughed up and no one responded....Its been a long time since i recall that behaviour on leafs..
Again, physicality or toughness DOES NOT correlate directly with the number of fights we get into. That's why I find this whole thread absolutely pointless; it flat-out doesn't follow from "our team gets in few fights" that "our team is less physical/tough".

And that's without even considering the fact that the year we stop dressing people like Orr, Rosehill, Jamal Mayars, etc. is the year we're in a playoff spot in mid-February. That's the bottom line so please, /thread.

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