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Originally Posted by nona weisbaum View Post
One thing about Lou, he is EXTREMELY respectful of a players right to test the waters via free agency. We tend to forget that this is a right that a player earns. While some may see it as strictly an old school approach on Lou's part, I think he's just pretty comfortable in the fact that a player should have the right to experience the entire free agency process. That's not to say he would never try to sign someone prior to FA, he has of course, I just don't think he's necessarily overly concerned about it.

The only thing Lou can do is do everything possible to entice said player to stay. Should they feel there are greener pastures else where, more power to them to find out...
And, Lou has said exactly that many times. Some of us have heard him.

Likewise, he has said that if a player leaves, he harbors no resentment. How professional and how non-emo (as opposed to "old school" ).

As for the hollow criticism offered elsewhere that the game has passed him by, the guy said years ago that fans better get used to rooting strictly for the front of the jersey, since with the advent of liberal Nuuu NHL free agency rights combined with the insufferable salary cap, players would move around a lot more.

So who's "behind the times"?

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