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01-16-2006, 12:18 AM
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I noticed Malone tonight a few times too. Especially on his goal which looked to the naked eye from my angle with no replay that it was pure strength in putting it by vokoun. There was nothing really spectacular to me, but there were definitely about 4-5 of those moments when you see something, look to see who it was and and notice his number. There were a couple of points that I didn't see him as being much more than another Hall, but he has some size and he could certainly help. I liked him, but wasn't blown away.

I'm thinking we might need to give Weber a shot after what I saw tonight. I think he's going to have the typical rookie "1 out of every 4-5 plays will be shaky" like Suter and 03-04 Hamhuis, but we don't have anyone that can do what he does.

Will Zidlicky's trade value ever be higher than it is right now? Not in my opinion. Maybe it's time.

Speaking of trading defensemen for a center....Though hazardous to one's mental health, I was reading a little on the other board. I've had a crazy couple of weeks with work and have listened to game on the radio more than I've watched on tv, thus i feel a little behind on news...has Jamie Allison played and looked really good all of a sudden? Has Dan Hamhuis looked really bad all of a sudden? I think I've read there twice in the past day that we need to play Allison more and trade Hamhuis. We didn't trade for Jason Allison under cloak of darkness, right? They mean Jamie, right? Was there a game or two I missed where Jamie Allison proved himself to be higher than about 26th on the list of options in the Preds organization? Outside of one awful play tonight, has Hamhuis been that bad?

Or is it it that board being that board?

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