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Originally Posted by Hawaiinleaf View Post
My point is not that we fight all of the time....its that for 4 years the fight totals have declined for the the point this year that one player on another team has more fights than the entire team..its just an observation...

I am not a kid and played forward in Rugby for Brock University for 5 years and play semi pro now in Hawaii, i think i know a thing or two about being physical and gritty...

My point was only to note were getting progressively less physical...The Montreal game was a sham...we got killed on the boards and kessel got roughed up and no one responded....Its been a long time since i recall that behaviour on leafs..
And once again, your preference for toughness probably says more about what you want to see from an entertainment point of view than it does about the state of the hockey team.

The point that the Leafs have seen their fight totals decline over the past four years is meaningless, since they're actually a much improved team today in the standings than they were in 2009, 2010 or 2011. Not to mix correlation with causality of course, but when they're winning more and fighting less, how can you point to a period of time when they were fighting more and losing more as a place where this team should get back to?

It's laughable that you use Konopka as an example of the kind of toughness this team needs. In a word, no. We need more impact players like Lucic, sure. But what we really need is everyone up and down the roster to respond to adversity the way Grabovski came back and scored the game winner against Boston after Chara mugged him twice. That's toughness.

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