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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
Right, 1 poster. Check the main board NYR trade discussions. Also the idea of a disconnect between fans means I'm not grouping all fans together. You're not the only person in this thread that has watched a ton of Kreider, and one other has said he floats or stands around. I wasn't offering an opinion of my own, I was remarking on that person's opinion.
Well I apologize here, I purposely avoid the Trade board, but I'm sure you're right. And I know disconnect divide the fan base up, but you still divided us into two distinct incorrect groups, which I'll get to.

Why in the hell are you so mad on the internet? A very close family friend is Ralph Scarfone owner of Rocket Construction and former owning partner and was involved in tons of NJ Rockets hockey operations. You're grossly under-estimating how large the Rockets family is in NJ and how closely Rockets fans follow their former players. I didn't say I was one of either group. I've watched Kreider in U20 and WC, that's it. I didn't offer an opinion on Kreider's development one way or another. Only that IF he does have holes in his game, calling him up for a playoff push under a coach that might glue him to the bench if the other poster is correct about his game, would not be in his best interest.
Not sure how an lol and a laughing face make me out as mad, considering you are the one use profanity, but alright. And that's great, my organization was the same way, and we competed with the Rockets (username), but that accounts for a minuscule sample size. Your original post is referring to posters on this board, how many of them do you think played for the Rockets, and not only played for them, but were so invested in that organization that they followed Sanguinetti to Canada to watch him play. Now compare that to the number of posters watching Kreider's games on CBS College Sports, or even quadruple that number when he plays internationally, and there's an entire thread or GDT dedicated mainly to him. It's not comparable at all, hence my original post, saying it was wrong. Totally ignoring the local factor, nobody here gets to see Christian Thomas, St. Croix (although we have some good insight from one poster) or McColgan at all, and your original post would have been correct. We look at the stats of these guys, without seeing them, and we go ballistic. Kreider is not at all in that situation. Many have seen him, and most people think he's legit. I see you joined in 2009, were you lurking a few years before hand? We didn't get personal scouting reports on him from Ranger fans, and the only time we ever saw him was during the WJC, which is not usually the best tool for viewing a player (he looked horrible anyway), but it's a small amount of games. The amount of coverage and viewing with Kreider is double that of Sangs. The same applies for Hagelin, we saw a lot of him on television, and people got excited.

First off my original post had nothing to do with Kreider's actual game, firstly and wasn't accounting for my own feelings on Kreider's play. I said there's a disconnect between fans. You say you saw him play a lot and think the "whipped into shape comment is wrong. ANother poster in this same thread that say's they've followed him closely is the one that made the "whipped into shape" comment. That was their comment, not mine, I only respond with "if he truly needs Torts.. etc" see that? I didn't pretend to know anything about Kreider's development.

And as to my second point: "Reminds me of Sanguinetti, where the equation was: The less you saw Sanguinetti play, and the more your knowledge of his game was from scouting reports and people online, the higher his ceiling and NHL readiness was. I really REALLY hope this isn't the case with Kreider." What this means is, the above situation of a major division between fans that said he was NHL ready and can't-miss as opposed to fans that said he has definite holes to his game and might not be a future number 1 reminds me of Sanguinetti. You do see that some say he's can't miss top liner, and HF's own evaluation of him has him at 8C right? C meaning he could fall as far as being a top talent that doesn't put his game together (dropping two rating points). Sanguinetti was an 8C as well. There's a similarity there whether you want to ROFL it or not.

So to break it down for you: Kreider is rated by professional scouts similar to Sangs was. Fans here that didn't watch much Sangs where talking about him as untouchable. Fans that saw Sangs play were split between he's can't-miss, and he's got definite holes. My entire opinion offered was I really REALLY hope that's not true. I didn't say either group was right. I said "I really REALLY hope this isn't the case with Kreider". You see the difference between that and saying it IS the case?

I don't mind talking hockey, but save the snarkiness and the IM-MAD-BECAUSE-SOMEBODY-IS-WRONG-ON-THE-INTERNET nonsense, unless I'm saying something completely outlandish.
And once again, I'm saying that there are very few fans here making baseless remarks; most people here have seen Kreider play multiple times, and they like his game. Sanguinetti never got the professional attention Kreider has gotten. What you're post came across as was that the posters that come in here with names like "BCEaglesfan19", since they see Kreider often, are the ones with real scouting reports. Everyone else, particularly Rangers fans on this board, just looks at stats and scouting reports and freak out. This was the case for Sanguinetti, not Kreider, that's why the comparison was bad. I'm sorry if I came across as angry, or got you angry, but I was not going for that.

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