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02-13-2012, 09:46 PM
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I don't see the big deal. The guy will just be coming off his ELC. The Sens could technically offer him a 5% increase over his current contract of $875k (not including his past bonuses). They won't do that so as not to p!$$ him off but he has no real leverage for another 4 full years after this one.

The only way he gets big bucks long term is if he gives up UFA years but the Sens may not want to commit to a 5+ year contract just yet not knowing what will be in the new CBA. Lets just say the owners and GMs know better than we do what they will be trying to get. Suppose for example it affected parts of guaranteed contracts signed under the new CBA. They'd be crazy to sign a guy for 100% of his full salary if for example the new CBA only promised 100% of the 1st year and 66% or less after that. If something went sour a la Redden they'd be salary protected to some extent.

Whatever their decision they make you can be sure there will be some well calculated business decisions involved on both sides.

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