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02-13-2012, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Slap Happy View Post
Nope pretty sure it was ice hockey, but thanks for that. What you wrote is all absolutely true, however, what you first said and what I first quoted has absolutely nothing to do with what you are saying right now. Go back and read what you first wrote, it has nothing to do with what you wrote above, but nice try.
nice try with your nice try. thats seems like a pretty solid go to come back for everything. i'm a loser, so i'll go back and rehash my previous point. the cap hit of 5.6 mil for bryzgalov in my opinon, that is, is a fair not insane amount of money. Nothing on this forum, from what i can tell, is fact. its just a bunch of dicks who think they know everything coming at you with their strong opinions. We finally spent money on a goalie, just in time for us to gut our team of defensive power and lose some guys to injury. When your in a transistion year like we obviously are, you cant expect gold every night. You said you were a goalie. your gonna tell me you watched a guy like bryzgalov play and thought he sucked before? or i guess he was great before but sucks now and its entirely on him? has nothing to do with the team in front? Maybe that's where we disagree. The popular choice is to look at a guy with a big contract and nitpick the hell outta him, but i havent seen enough strong play infront of him to make that decision yet. I still think he's our guy. Your not alone tho. most people hate him and want him gone. that's cool. There is no right and wrong here. We're not working for the flyers. all i know is that if past numbers dont count for contracts, then brodeur, backstrom, crawford, hiller, miller, kipper, etc. their all paid fat and have up and down nights. some of them have their teams way outta the playoff picture which is all that matters and for more money. The flyers arent the only team in the NHL.

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