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02-13-2012, 10:34 PM
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Stop using NHL players as justification for your points guys, seriously, their technique and strength are most likely much higher than any of us. Same with their needs and the access to full customization options.

You guys ever heard of a G3 flex profile? The stick stiffens and flexes at different points than a traditional low/mid kick stick and will feel different. That's just one example of a really common pro option.

Essentially, this thread has boiled down to 2 schools of thought but ultimately the same end result to find the right flex for a particular person. The first school concerns height and weight to start off, while the other advocates whippier sticks. Both have their reasons but neither are wrong, they're both simply starting guidelines.

Although I'm firmly in the weight/strength camp, I see the points made by the other but will stick to my guns. Enough of the arguing and mocking.

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