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Originally Posted by goonx View Post
Ofcourse, like many have said and I've said, it depends on the playing style whether a stiffer or softer stick is right for the player. (i.e. wristers vs. slappers) That however, is when they've developed the proper technique and also found the "sweet spot" after experienced play. I think Jarick's height/weight guideline is a good place to start for most amateur players. Once they understand the theory and had their own share of gameplay, they will automatically find a stiffness they like.

I think kovalev knows what he's talking about and I would put my bet on him than you.
So your position is that a good rule of thumb is that a whippier stick is better than a stiff one, but your position is also that Jarick's guideline that stiffness should be based on height/weight? I'm confused. You start by mocking me and then at the end you agree with me - i.e., that every player is different and needs to find the stiffness that is right for them.

There is no 'rule of thumb'. There are far too many variables at work to simply say 'a whippier stick is better.' A whippy stick in the hands of a stronger, skilled player will be just as ineffective as a stiff stick in the hands of a newb. Each player should find what works best for them based on their skill level, the type of player they are and what feels most comfortable to them.

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