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02-14-2012, 03:07 AM
Only a 2 year window
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This is one of those dreaded 4th game in 6 nights situations. Blues have 11 such situations the remainder of the 27 games on the schedule.

The good news is they really handled the Sharks well during the 3d game in 4 nights. (Sharks scoring the last seven games: 6, 5, 3, 3, 5, 0, 5. Guess which one was the one where all the officials were bribed for teh conspiraciez and the ice was bad and teh TRAPZ?) During the post game Kelly and Pang (thanks again spectr) talked about the players having a meeting in the morning to go over what they needed to do against the Sharks just got the impression that everybody's focused and everyone loves winning. So that bodes well.

On the other hand, if their energy appears sluggish then it may be a sign that despite the easier schedule (opponents don't come any easier than Columbus this year) the upcoming 4th-in-6 nights games could prove to be a struggle. Thursday's game (vs. NYI) is also one of those, and so is Sunday's game (at Chicago) and next Wednesday's game (at Nashville).

Arnott is on the trip and Korac told us not to expect him out much past the weekend, so I wonder if he plays. My guess is he might play if someone has the flu but if they can give him another couple days rest they'll leave him out. Columbus does play the Blues fairly physically so it might be wise to wait til NYI.

Also sounds like Huskins can basically play any time now. They haven't reassigned Cole yet so maybe another game or two but Huskins is right there on the verge. Hitchcock said he'd wait to get him in there, which is another way of saying he loves his boy Russell. If Huskins can play like he did at the start of the season and stays healthy the rest of the way then I think he will simply take over for Colaiacovo. This Columbus game seems like a classic "Carlo leaves the game with an injury in the first" type of game.

For the record, Russell has had some frustrating games where he's struggled keeping the puck in at the point but he's also a great skater and is a good partner for Polak I do like the way their games complement each other. To play the game Hitchcock wants to play, there really isn't another partner for Polak who makes more sense to me than Russell. He's just got to limit his mistakes or make them when Polak's in a position to provide support.

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