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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
The distribution looks pretty random. Some good teams fight and some don't. Meathead.
Meathead is absolutely bang-on. I think hockey fans who co-relate fighting with team toughness are idiots. Those who co-relate toughness with winning % are even dumber. But the one that takes the cake is the guy who does both and then call others "stupid" to try and elevate his swiss cheese theory.

Doesnt the fact that the worst team in hockey by a long-stretch (CBJ) are 4th in fighting and the best team in hockey (DET) is tied for dead last in fighting tell you something important? It tells me that success and fighting have ZERO co-relation. Thats what it tells me.

It also doesn't preclude me from knowing the importance of having tough players in your lineup but it has nothing to do with icing goons....Like I said, I would take Holmstrom in my lineup over any 4th line "enforcer" in the game. Without a second thought.

LOL @ all the "meatheads" whining for dressing of stiffs like Colton Orr and Jay Rosehill. LOL.

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