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02-14-2012, 08:59 AM
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I'm all for fighting. I love it in hockey and do wish Brown would go at it more. That said, you made no point at all with this post.

Originally Posted by masyo88 View Post

And for the morons who think you don't need to fight check this out. Top teams in fighting compared to the bottom teams.
1 New York Rangers 46
2 Boston Bruins42
3 Philadelphia Flyers 42
4 Columbus Blue Jackets39 - Worst team in the NHL
5 Ottawa Senators 37 - Not in a playoff spot

6 Vancouver Canucks 33
7 Anaheim Ducks 29 - 13th in the West
8 New Jersey Devils 28

Bottom Teams

23 Toronto Maple Leafs 18 - Currently in a playoff spot
24 Nashville Predators 16 - In a solid playoff spot
25 New York Islanders 15
26 Carolina Hurricanes 14
27 Tampa Bay Lightning 14
28 Detroit Red Wings 12 - Best team in the NHL
29 Montreal Canadiens 12
30 Phoenix Coyotes 12 - Currently in a playoff spot

Most of the top teams in fighting are the crappy teams that aren't in a playoff position right? You guys are so stupid!
I think fighting can help a team, but to say that having more fights would make the Leafs a top end team is laughable. We do need to be tougher, but being tough =/= fighting.

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