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11-11-2003, 05:51 AM
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I agree...somewhat

The best move they could make would be to get rid of Sather now. He is the worst GM we've had since John Ferguson. But that ain't gonna happen with know-nothing Son of Cablevision at the helm. Brooks was absolutely right today; the lines last night were a crime. He had an overachieving 4th line: Mess-Simon-Barnaby. So what does he do? Breaks them up. Cater looked better with Holik. So what does he do? Breaks them apart. Lundmark is held accountable for a giveaway. Kovy gives the puck away more in one period than Lundy has all season. So what does he do? Sits Lundy, increases 27's time. Moore has impressed me as the smartest rookie we've had in some time, alot of potential. So what does he do? Sends him down, or minimal ice time. Idiot. This is the same genius who chose Trottier over Hitchcock, as an upgrade over Low. The same bumblebrain who let Schneider go so he could give Malakhov more money. The same numbnut who wouldn't give Zidlicky a fair look over minimal bucks but pees it away on vets who are just here for a paycheck.

The fans chanted "We want Keenan". Wrong chant. Should've been "Sather must go". Besides, I don't want Keenan. Why? First off, he's a weasel. Has everyone forgotten how he walked away? I haven't. Don't tell me it was because of Smith. It was because he wanted more power. He left to become GM of St Louis. He's a weasel. Second, Keenan as a coach here won because he overplayed veterans, which Smith obtained for him. Except the vets in 1994 were younger. Think Mess plays too much now? Under Mike, his ice time would increase greatly. Thrre's gotta be a reason Iron Mike is soon fired wherever he goes.

I wouldn't get rid of Leetch. I don't care what he would fetch. He is whatever heart this team has. He is not part of the problem.

I'm not sure I would ax Nedved, either. He tries hard, even takes the body now. Not his fault Jackass skates him with pieces that don't fit at all, like last night. The rest can go, depending on what they bring back.

Occasionally, I rant. But, I've paid for season tix for the last 37 years, so I'm entitled. I must know something, and I'm telling you - SLATS MUST GO!

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