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02-14-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by sensjersey11 View Post
No chance that Sun restructures. They have a very successful formula:

Ensure articles appeal to the absolute lowest common denominator, and make sure to take a side, regardless if it is the correct one or not
Write at a 3rd grade level
Charge as little as they can for their paper
Fill as much space as they can with ads

Sun Media papers are possibly the worst newspapers in the country, but let it never be said that there isn't money to be made in sensationalistic and biased stories written like you're trying to explain something to an eight year old.
Im not disagreeing. Except, do they profit? I honestly dont know anymore. I know that the newspaper industry is in trouble, is trying to figure out how to restructure in order to make money.

But i cant remember the last time i bought a paper. I used to buy 3 a day sometimes, say when the Sens were on a Cup run . But now i read all my news on-line and dont pay for it, although i would be willing to if i had to. And the last time i read garrioch was when someone here linked his on line column.

This is one reason i get a bit surprised about the reaction to sports media sometimes, i mean, you are still reading them? Do people still buy the paper version of newspapers and read them for sports other than perhaps when grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food joint by yourself? Does the Sun actually still make money?

Originally Posted by SensFanDan View Post
They are company men.
Phil bugged me because he just sounded like a typical leafs fan. I dont really care much one or the other about most of them, but the Lee Versage guy seems to draw more ire than i would've expected, he seems to talk sports the way i thought most here are wanting them to. That was funny about Liam.

But the company men line, i mean, well every ex player basically will be, it doesnt disqualify their insights as players especially Sens players. And that's more valuable. One thing Sens fans arent short of is reasons for casting blame and scapegoats to heap it upon.

Its the positive things they bring that are more important. But in a way, that also points out to why its a good thing that each team has homer announcers. I want to hear our announcers talk about the game from the Sens perspective. We are down or we are up. Its our pk or our pp. And i love listening to other teams announcers to hear their perspective (bias if you must) on the the game, team, league. Which is why calling announcers homers is hardly an insult to me; it's expected.

But they can always improve, i've enjoyed listening to Doug Wilsons bro lately.

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