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02-14-2012, 10:49 AM
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Intriguing that it would probably cost us more to ink him for 3 yrs than 4. All that though presumes ufa ages etc dont change. This is a tough summer perhaps for long term planning and commitments.

If we were to sign him for his 4 years of rfa and then say another 4-6 years of ufa, what would his average salary be expected as, i guess $7-8 mil a year? That being primarily his ufa value?

If we are to sign him as an rfa for 3 years, i guess its completely arbitration determinant. Not that he will necessarily want to go, or the team will want to take him, but the idea of what would an arbitrator offer him at this stage of development will guide his value.

So i would hope 3 years at $6.5 is too much; that is more approaching ufa values.

On the other hand, a long term life time contract, with 4 cheap rfa years up front, and as daring a tail years as we are allowed to get away with, and considering everyone wants him for life anyway, why not take advantage of the benefit that risk can provide?

A properly structured long term contract could sign him to a great cap value for life, kinda like Hossa's, maybe a little more money. Wouldnt that be worth it? Can always buy him out at one third value until 26 yrs old. Can always overcome his injury by remaining a cap team and spending his money on someone else while insurance covers his. Its not that big a risk and its got a huge benefit. Why not go for it now before they potentially change our ability to take that kind of advantage in the next cba?

A 30 year old alfie was forced to sign a cheap rfa one year contract btw.

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