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02-14-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
I'm not a big fan of people cheering during the anthem at all. It always bothers me when people start cheering during the last line, but a lot of the time I can write it off as "well, the song SHOULD have been over 2 minutes ago".

With that said, if Chicago fans want to cheer during the entire anthem, fine. Let them... IN Chicago. Just because it's a tradition does not mean it's acceptable to carry it around to other arenas.
For instance, what if it were a tradition in Nashville for the lower bowl to throw garbage on the ice after a victory? You know, a celebration by just letting loose. No one is getting hurt. The game is over, so it won't be delayed. It's just a tradition, and the only harm done is some folks have to work a bit of overtime sweeping it up. Does that suddenly mean it's ok for Nashville fans sitting in the lower bowl of another arena to toss their garbage on the ice if the Preds win? No! It's disrespectful because it isn't their own arena.

Similarly, going to another arena and shouting "Blues" in place of "brave" in the line "home of the brave" is disrespectful. Stars fans shouting "stars!". Chicago fans cheering throughout the entire thing. Those things are perfectly fine in their respective home cities. When you visit another arena you should be respectful of that arena and those fans. You are not expected to cheer for the home team, learn the chants, and otherwise partake in our traditions, but if your own tradition is viewed as disrespectful you should shelve it for that one game.

Traditions are meant for home town crowds. You participate with your fellow fans in your shared city the way you always have.
Forcing others to be a part of your traditions is rude.
Didn't CellBlock 303 travel to away games and do all the same "You Suck" cheers all game long? We're those inappropriate in other arenas as well?

I've never liked it because (and only because) they are opposing fans. But it is their tradition, they are CHEERING during the national anthem, celebrating our great country. What's the big deal?

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