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02-14-2012, 12:01 PM
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The reason I ask is that they have different skates for different heel/backstay shapes. The G5 is made for a straight backstay. If yours is more pronounced, you might fit better in a different model. Not much you can do though if you don't have a local dealer. One thought, if you like the G5, is to mail order two skates, the G5 and then another model with the same parameters except for a more pronounced backstay, see which fits better, and then return the other one.

Assuming by lack of ankle support, you mean that your ankle doesn't feel locked down, I would guess the alternative model to try would be a G35 or a 735, though both skates have a narrower heel in addition to a more pronounced backstay.

I had the opposite problem. I've been skating on a 703 with a pronounced backstay when I really needed a 705 with a straight backstay.

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