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02-14-2012, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by TehDoak View Post
Blizzard likely is looking into a D3 port at some level. They had some job posts awhile back about making a port for it. However, I think this will likely end up as vaporware much like Starcraft: Ghost.

Blizzard's quality standards just can't translate over to a console. Controls are too limited and the hardware is handicapped. I'm sure activision is pushing to have the Real Money auction house is as many hands as possible, however.
The problem with consoles is patching. PC games can be patched for bugs/content without much hassle relatively to a console.

That's why Team Fortress 2 on the XBox died a slow death. Valve patches that thing every couple weeks on the PC, and it took months to get a single update patch approved.

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