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11-11-2003, 06:40 AM
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[QUOTE=BigDaddyGarrioch]To Ottawa
Jason Weimer

To New York
Petr Shastlivy
4th round pick

Hey BigDaddyGarrioch....You must of read this morning article from Garrioch saying that the Islanders were interested in Schastlivy for Wiemer. My question to you is: Would the Islanders be willing to trade Wiemer to a team they could very well play in the Playoffs?? I hope they do trade Wiemer to Ottawa because he is exactly the 3rd line, gritty LW that Ottawa needs. Imagine the room he could make on the ice for Spezza and Havlat. Please get the deal done!!! I guess Milbury wants to make Yashin happy by adding more Russians to the lineup. Even if Schastlivy turns into another Demitra (DOUBTFUL) at least he won't have been traded for a Christer Olsson (damn you, Pierre Gauthier)!!!

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