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02-14-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruins Stooge View Post
Bruins fan in peace.

Being a close family friend of Randy's not surprised. Guy puts 110% into everything. Definitely did this as a call out/step up. I'll call and ask him . Kidding of course.

Not to derail your thread, but do you see him being with the team still after this year? Fired? Sent back to the AHL to coach? I'll be going to Boston for the last game against the Habs and we'll see him there. Hope it's not the last.
I love what I see from Randy Ladouceur. btw Ladouceur in french means Gentleness.
RC is doing great in general. I dont mind him with the team next season.

you can have an overview
100 votes
67 want him back next year
33 want him out

I personnaly think that Larry Carrière will return back as assistant GM
RC and Randy Ladouceur will be Assistant
They'll hire a new head coach

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