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02-14-2012, 02:32 PM
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Is it October yet?
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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
Just out of curiosity am I the only one that goes into every game now expecting to lose?

This is my Wild timeline -

April to October = "I hope this is a good year!"

October = "ok, not bad, we're average, not great but not horrible"

November to Mid December = "Oh man are we really this awesome!? No way! GO WILD!! WooHoo!!! Yeo is the man! I BELIEVE!!"

Mid December to Early January = "Ok, a few injuries, a few set-backs but we're still in it, not in first place anymore but we're still ok, we'll recover!"

Mid January to Start of February = "Ummm, WTH just happened!? We're in 8th? How did that happen!? Can we please win like 1 game or at least score a few goals...?"

Mid February = "12th place huh? When we lose tonight I hope it's not too embarrassing... Maybe we'll at least not get routed or shut-out... How long til next season? Man I hope we get a good draft pick."

to be a Wild fan.....

Yeah thats pretty much how it goes.

I think karma decided to show us whos boss by giving us a big tease, letting our team play up to its potential for a while before it pulled on some cord and said "Haha minnesota fans, thats all you get!".

Like a girl who flirts the hell out of you to get you to buy her dinner, makes you think youre gonna get laid all night by doing all kinds of sexy crap, but then runs out on you when you go to take care of the check.

Karma is a *****.

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