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02-14-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
.........As for amnesty clause in the next cba... as long as we're fantasizing, I prefer to do so about a healthy Pronger and a Bryzgalov back to form...
Certainly having a healthy Pronger as a Captain and THE leader and Bryz playing up to his Number One Goalie status would put the Flyers where Homer had them slotted to be coming into the season and as contenders for the Cup over the next couple~few seasons.

While the Amnesty may seem like a 'fantasy', it is actually something that is a real possibility and was basically what was in place after the last Lockout... and then it was a limited use it or lose it deal and not for only one player IIRC... As I see it, it is a correction of Organizations Cap levels going into a new CBA with new rules... It allows teams to correct a mistake -- or maybe mistakeS -- that hamper them in competing under the new CBA... The NBA has installed one in their new CBA and it is IMO more than mere fantasy, but is indeed speculation... Wishing for a healthy Pronger is wonderful, but a Pronger to the level of the one coming into this season probably will not occur... Hoping that Bryz plays up to his high Cap hit over the next eight-1/2 years is a nice hope... Both are beyond the control of Homer and the Organization; if handed an Amnesty option/options, Homer & Co. can better control the Flyers fortunes by correcting either an awful twist of fate or a potentially bad long-term decision. That is what we are discussing here.

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