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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
EVERY FORWARD will overwhelmingly outchance DD based on any shot-based analysis.
I'm not talking about shot-based analysis, I'm talking about Olivier's counting of individual scoring chances when both DD and Staal are on the ice, which can be found at the invaluable . And when I say Staal outchanced DD, I really mean "the Hurricanes outchanced the Habs while Staal and DD were on the ice".

BTW, before you go about dissing "shot-based analysis" because DD doesn't shoot -- it's worthwhile to understand that unless we're talking about an individual player's direct goal-scoring, shot-based analysis is about shots attempted while a player is on the ice and not than just the shots the player individually takes. In DD's case this generally means Cole or Pacioretty shooting since, as you point out, he pretty much doesn't shoot. So Pacioretty's (a massive shot machine) shots count for both MaxPac and DD, reflecting that DD sets up MaxPac and MaxPac's possession ability hauls DD towards the offensive zone.

But I am not talking about shot analysis in this specific instance -- I am talking strictly about watch-the-game-and-count, shot-attempts-from-the-slot scoring chances. And Staal badly outchanced both Plekanec and DD at evens (unusual in Plekanec's case, I might add) which not only means threats to the Habs' net (one of which went in), but seriously limited both Habs' offensive opportunities.

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