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Originally Posted by RetiredFlyer View Post
Carle is definitely underrated around here. Most likely because he is deficient in areas that are particularly frustrating for fans. For example, he is not terrible turnover wise, but a lot of his turnovers happen in the defense zone and lead to good opportunities for opponents. His other big area of weakness is that he has a very weak slapshot and an even weaker wrist shot that often leads to blocked shots on the powerplay. He is also not overly physical, which does not fly well here.

I will say though that an article written by a certain D Leed earlier today is a lot more logical and true than anyone here will ever give it credit for. Ryan Suter has the perfect partner in Shea Weber, much like Matt Carle had the perfect partner in Chris Pronger. Suter gets credit for a lot of things, but I have serious doubts if he could anchor a pairing and is truly the number one that many around here think he is.

If you look purely at the objective facts, he and Carle have similar skill-sets (much like Pronger and Weber have similar skill sets) and they both fit perfectly with their pairing-mates. They put up almost identical point totals, their advanced metrics suggest they are quite similar, they are both not overly physical (Carle has more hits this year), the only true difference is that we see a lot of Carle and very little of Suter and Suter has a better shot than Carle.

This is not to say that Suter is not better than Carle, I am simply saying that I think it is a lot closer than anyone in the Carle haters club here will ever admit. Whenever Carle played well with Pronger by his side, everyone credited Pronger and discounted Carle. When Suter plays well with Shea Weber (basically a Pronger in the prime of his career), everyone wants to trade for him because he is so clearly a legitimate number one.

I would be extremely leery of offering Suter seven million per season. Because if Pronger is indeed done for his career, his defensive partner is going to significantly worse than Weber and I am not sure if Suter could in fact carry that pairing.
You make some very interesting points here ! Sometimes things are really not quite like they seem.

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