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02-14-2012, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
You tell me your logic, then. Why would the players, who just hired Fehr, accept another paycut when they vehemently opposed it last time? That doesn't fly. I would be surprised if the NHL even attempted to get a salary rollback (other than using it as something for "asking for the moon" and bargaining down from).
to avoid being locked out again and receiving no money. the nhl has a few bargaining chips to offer the players association to alleviate their concerns. the olympics, reduced travel, more significant revenue sharing. just because salaries and percentage of revenue might go down, doesnt mean the owners cant give a few things up to satisfy the players. the owners saw what happened in the nba and nfl negotiations. both leagues players took less, the owners of the nhl will want the same.

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