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Originally Posted by bleeney View Post
I think he made his point quite well.

Look at the correlation between top 8/bottom 8 in fighting majors and where teams rank in the standings within our conference. These are the teams we play the bulk of our games against, and if we do make the playoffs, these are the teams we'll face.

Top 8 in fighting majors (eastern conference teams only):

1 New York Rangers 46 (77 points, 1st place)
2 Boston Bruins 42 (70 points, 2nd place)
3 Philadelphia Flyers 42 (69 points, 3rd)
5 Ottawa Senators 37 (64 points, 7th)
8 New Jersey Devils 28 (66 points, 5th)

All playoff teams, including the top three teams in the entire conference!

Now the bottom 8 teams for number of fights (eastern conference teams only):

23 Toronto Maple Leafs 18 (62 points, 8th place)
25 New York Islanders 15 (54 points, 13th)
26 Carolina Hurricanes 14 (53 points, 15th)
27 Tampa Bay Lightning 14 (54 points, 12th)
29 Montreal Canadiens 12 (55 points, 11th)

Only one playoff team (and that's us squeeking in at 8th place). The others make up 4 of the bottom 5 teams in the east.

I don't think anybody is saying "duh... if you fight, you win... duh". Obviously, you have to play the game, score goals, play solid defensively, have good goaltending, special teams etc.

But part of being a well rounded team is being tough enough to play against the big boys, and we're in a very tough conference. When the Bruins, Rangers etc. start laying the body on us, we're ill-equipped to handle it, particularly up front. We lose far too many puck battles. These teams come at you hard and wear you down, and when you push back, they'll challenge you. Whether or not you like that aspect of the game, it's a part of the overall picture, and we don't measure up very well against the competition right now.

Adding a couple of guys with some size and sandpaper will enable us to win more puck battles in the trenches, protect and make room for our skilled players and help us exploit our speed advantage.
I like how the morons in this thread who said I was not making sense completely ignored this post. We play in one of the toughest divisions in hockey with the Sabres, Bruins, and Senators and Montreal is looking to get bigger and tougher which they have said numerous times. Our team is a fineness team that come in the play offs time will get abused by the Rangers, Bruins, Flyers and we only have one person who plays a tough game night in and night out and can stick up for his teammates and he is Mike Brown.

You guys act like our speed has taken us to first place and we have been winning a lot this season and most teams haven't figured to shut us down. There has been multiple times this season where we needed to fight and defend each other but our team is to soft to do so. Its pathetic how so many people support soft, speed hockey which fails in the playoffs. Can't wait to make the playoffs and after we got abused by teams physically all the nancies crying for more toughness and all that.

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