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02-14-2012, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Shred View Post
Looks like you don't know much about girls! Don't talk to her for 5 hours online, she'll think you have nothing better to do. Don't go on dates with her friends. Be a man, not a doormat!
Really? That's exactly what I did with the girl I fell in love with and I have been married to her for over five years now.

However, at this point I think she hasn't made that cross to deeper feelings with you.

She chats with you online - How nice, he wants to listen.
You cook for her - How nice, he's such a good friend to cook for me.
Cuddle with her - I feel safe with him and I know he won't do much.

The questioning about why you didn't buy a flower for her other friends basically solidified that. She sees you as a friend and found it weird that you bought a flower for her but not the others. Sorry bud, but you've fell into the "friends only" zone.

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