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11-11-2003, 08:38 AM
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Why do they cry like babies

Ok, I got a question for you guys, I was reading on the radio canada web site the commetns of Perreault regarding his situation. Here a little resumé to recap everything that I've heard so far from him:

"It's frustrating for me and my familly..."
"It's hard to practise without linemates..."
"I've accepted less money to play here..."

Why the cut players always cry like babies, don't they get it, the first message to understand his: Your not playing well enough, do something. The reaction of every veterans that have been cut are always the same, Audette, Perreault, Cwerkazski,... it's frustrating, we all know that, now, the real question that they should ask themselves is: What will I do to never be cut again? But they're not concern about that simple fact, they just deserve to play, they're veteran, it' like they think their spot on the roster is assure by some king of union (syndicat)...

I'm piss at him for the fact that he seems to don't understand why he has been cut!
I'm piss at him because he think he deserves his spot!
It sickens me to see an hockey player complain about a certain situation that he could control!
Perreault's attitude make me sick!
Let him in the press box

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