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11-11-2003, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
Not true at all. Ottawa's Alexei Yashin had a contract done on the Island AFTER the trade. Mike Peca as well. Fact of the matter is that trading a player's rights and trading a player are not that much different. The other club desiring to acquire Comrie will work out suitable contract terms prior to the trade or there will be none.
You make my point for me, namely contract terms before the trade. Winter stated in a radio interview that Comrie wanted to go to a contender, and he named some that I forget. Regardless, if Lowe sends Comrie to somewhere he doesn't want to go Comrie has 2 choices. He can sign, in which case he likely gets what he wants in terms of a contract or he doesn't sign, or at least agree prior to the trade, in which case the team he was traded to will likely not make the trade and the process will repeat itself until Comrie gets what he wants. Either way Comrie either ends up with a contract he is happy with and is likely on a team he wants to be on.

I consider Yashin one of the elite players. Are you suggesting that Comrie is in the same class as Yashin? If they are not in the same class then the circumstances are different and the comparison is meaningless.

How long did Eric Lindros refuse to sign with Quebec?

This argument is about money. Comrie already has enough so trying to use it as leverage against him won't work.