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11-11-2003, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
As I've stated before... Comrie isn't going to get an offer sheet. Call it collusion between the owners if you want but there has yet to have been a offer sheet for a young player in the NHL as of yet. Gaborik didn't get one when he held out. Neither did Havlat. Neither did Gagne. Neither did Lecavalier. Neither did Stuart. It won't happen.

Besides, if a deal such as that were to be made, you can be sure Bettman and the NHL would try and block that deal. Why? Because in essence it tries to circumvent the spirit behind the CBA and undermine what it was meant to protect. Who knows if Bettman will win.. but you can be sure there will be a fight put up. Would the other NHL team be willing to go through all of that? Doubtful.
You're right, it is collusion and will likely play out in the new CBA. Major League Baseball tried a similar stunt and ultimately the players got very rich.

The issue is not whether the other NHL team would be willing, it's how interested is the NHLPA, or equally plausible, some rich kid who's getting screwed.