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02-14-2012, 10:59 PM
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You weren't wrong though in your doubt. Who could legitamately expect this much growth in a second year? The only people who should eat crow are the fools who were assaulting McD simply b/c he didn't sign with us quickly enough for their tastes. Amazing to think he STARTED last year in the AHL and look where he is now. Amazing to think Girardi and Cally rose from where they were, that Hagelin has developed the way he has, etc, etc.

Fact is this has been a very likely scenario we were building towards for a few YEARS to anyone paying an ounce of attention. I said it many times that i thought we'd need until the 2013-14 season but during last year I many times said how shocked I was by the progress of the guys AT the NHL level. Stepan, Sauer, McD, Cally, Boyle, Prust, Girardi all those guys elevated their games to new heights and they maintained the whole 82 game schedule to prove it was no fluke. All without Gabs, with tons of injuries.

So coming into this year anything less than 4-5 seed should have been a DISSAPPOINTMENT. I figured they'd be at 4-5. Just can't help but gloat a little at our current level of success when i think back to how many people missed the forest for the trees. "It's not graceful enough hockey waaah. Players are misused waaaah, trade at the deadline, sell at the deadline. So and so is slumping trade him (Ignorant armchair GMs still doing this)" Meanwhile it wasnt about Stepan not getting enough assists last year, it wasn't about making it far in the playoffs or trading our assets for a soon to be FA, it was about building experience, players proving to each other that they CAN win under crap circumstances (like the star forward being a non factor) we were building towards something bigger than any single individual and their skills shame how many were absolutely blind to that. It is so freakin enjoyable now that it's here

I continue to love how the most vocal and ignorant of the doubters we had here fail to show up . Guys who dissappeared all last season when we were actually winning, showed up right when we got beat by washington and dissappeared again. Guys who seemed more preoccupied with destroying a handful of our prospects than talking up the success of our system. Plenty of other guys too wrapped up in condescension, ignorance and arrogance. Love that the garbage semantics crew has had no choice but to shut the hell up and just watch the best team in the NHL.

So good on you for trying to own up when you were wrong about something but in fairness you weren't wrong to think the way you did McD's growth has been astronomical as has the growth of this team. The fact is the guys who actually admit they are wrong are the guys who don't have to. It's the guys who need to eat crow that refuse to ever do so.

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