Thread: Value of: The Flyers as Sellers?
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02-15-2012, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
You're doing a disservice to most of the Flyers fans posting in this thread--who are far from the on-again, off-again bandwagoners you seem to imply.

I'm excited for the future of this team, but realistic about its chances this year. It isn't a matter of a "slump"--we aren't good enough to win a cup this year. We're good enough to get out of the first round, maybe, but probably not to progress further.

I agree that the Flyers won't trade off their assets (which is what I said in the text that you quoted)--if for no other reason than Snider's ego--but I think it is unwise to move our futures for short-term help.

To suggest that it's simply a matter of defensive depth seems to me to be far too shallow an analysis of this team's deficiencies. The four-non rookies have not played well enough either (Timonen mostly, but not wholly, excepted). Gill and Grossman won't be the difference between a 2nd round exit and a run to the finals.

If you've watched the Flyers the entire season, you know in your heart that this team isn't going to be a serious threat in the playoffs. The defense simply isn't good enough, and that **** show on the back end is exacerbating a shaky goalie tandem. That's the frustrating reality of the situation, deal with it. The Flyers are also too soft, which is one of the reasons the Rangers and Bruins own them this season. Be physical, finish your checks on this team, and you'll grind them down over the course of the game. You even heard John Tortorella say that in 24/7. And without Pronger, there's no one on the blue line who's a real intimidating physical force. No one to clear the porch in front of the net. The kinds of goals teams are scoring from within five feet of the net is embarrassing. Coburn is Carter-like with his maddeningly inconsistent display of potential -- for ****'s sake, you're 6'5", hit something. Meszaros doesn't exactly lay the lumber, either.

There's a lot of reason for optimism and the future for the Flyers is bright, but patience MUST be exercised right now. I know patience is not Mr. Snider's cup of tea, but there's a reason it's a virtue. There's a good thing going on here, it just needs to be properly nurtured so it can evolve organically. No matter how much Snider and the rest of the Flyers organization were hoping for a quick fix after the Carter and Richards trades, that's really not how it works. The Flyers need to see this process through, and that begins by not overpaying or gutting the system to acquire bandaid players.

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