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02-15-2012, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by KpopandHockey View Post
I'm a white knight so I did all the good stuff. :3
Boring. I tried to be as "me" as I could but sometimes I would just pick negative lines to be badass. I wanted and tried for it to be 50/50 (paragon and the other one) but it was mostly paragon by the end. I killed someone without knowing that I would once - I thought I was just gonna give a cruel line but ended up killing the poor sob. feelsbadman.jpg

One thing I don't like about this morality is that it's black and white. Obviously, it's a game and it just can't be as complex but a lot of times, I choose the "good" option but with a different motivation. I say what they want to hear but I don't "mean" it. I'm sociopath is what I'm saying but the game obviously can't pick that up.

The Witcher is a little better at this kind of stuff, IMO, although the sequel made you choose unlike the original (in regards to neutrality).

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