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Originally Posted by CapitalsCup2012 View Post
Isnt it better to have 2 flawed puck moving D than only 1 who is flawed and chronically injured?

Step back a second and look at that D sans Wideman and Green. That's what we're left with. There will be no miracle UFA signing of Suter. There will be a decent priced signing to replace Wideman except he'll be worse. I mean, Joe Corvo anyone?

Besides If Wideman is considered flawed, every NHL player is. It's a poor label IMO but whatever.
Well you're right that it comes down to alternatives. If the only alternative to Wideman for the next few years were Joe Corvo, I'd keep Wideman. However, if getting a stabilizing vet on D is a realistic option, then I'd want the Caps to be in position to keep pursuing that -- considering we have all these youngsters on D. Keeping both Wideman and Green leaves no cap space to even look that way, and leaves the defense full of variously inconsistent players for the foreseeable future. And if it doesn't work and you have to make a trade later, you won't be doing it from a position of strength..

There is also a secondary consideration that if selling Wideman at the deadline can give you a 1st, and then you can sign a decent UFA in the offseason, well, you gain a 1st -- as opposed to just keeping Wideman. For a team in flux, it's not a bad idea to make sure you build up assets, because who knows what's gonna happen in spring. Of course recently McPhee has been quoted as thinking the Caps are contenders if they get their injured players back.. so he's probably not thinking along those lines

To me, since I think focusing on this year's playoffs is a waste, it's kind of choosing between lesser evil, in ascending order of.. evil/risk:
1. Trade Green, sign Wideman unless he asks for the moon, keep looking for a stabilizing presence on D.
2. Trade Green, trade Wideman, go the UFA route or trade for cheaper solid vets.
3. Keep Green, trade Wideman, keep looking for a stabilizing presence on D.
4. Keep Green, let Wideman walk as UFA.
5. Keep Green & Wideman, cross fingers x10 that Alzner/Carlson/Orlov can develop quickly, under pressure and without vet role models, into primary defensive stoppers.

So I would prefer 1 > ... > 5
I think the Caps will do 4, maybe 5, less likely 3.

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