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11-11-2003, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
The 2nd half!?!?! Dude, we don't have the luxury of waiting around for all these supposed professionals to do the absolute minimum required on a consistent basis, or for the coach to get a freakin' clue as to who plays where and with whom. These game count and the Rangers away pissing away valueable points almost every night.

The Rangers have been putting together "bits-n-pieces" of decent games for 6 years now with the same result. NOW I'm supposed to believe something different is going on? That somehow, this year, it's an indication of a learning curve and not the incosistent performances that have plagued the group since day 1? What reason would I have to believe that?
So to you this season looks EXACTLY as the previous 6 has???

That's BS.

In previous yrs we've gone out there with a less talented and not as deep lineup and just went out and tried to outskate and outskill everybody and every opponent would just sit back and wait for us to push offensively too much and counter and then just pack it in once they took a lead.

We know have a legit 4 lines and some good depth both on defense and at forward and hopefully Slats starts grouping them together in lines and pairings that make more sense and that maximize the players but all the tools are there to ice a very solid team.

The bottom line is this---no matter what way you want to cut it this group isn't giving up nearly the quality and quanity of chances that the teams over the last 6 yrs have and they have better personel and are getting quality goaltending.

The offense has suffered as a result of them learning a new system and how to generate offense off of defense but that is the part that will become more natural as the season moves along.That and the fact that the PP will not continue to operate at a 7% success rate which with a few timely goals we could have won at least 2 more games.

You guys want to chalk it up to more of the last 6 yrs that fine and your opinion but I see some positives despite Slats still making some moves that make zero sense.

This will be a more successful season then any of the last 6 and we will make the playoffs.

And as for not having the luxury of not getting points early on---we are .500 and have gotten at least a point in most games where as in yrs past we haven't even been close to .500 and were always playing catchup to just get to that break even point and yet we were still in the hunt late in the yr most years.This year if we struggle as we've been doing but are able to hover at .500 or better then when we get a streak going we can really add some much needed points and we'll end up at the end of the yr AT LEAST a handful of games above .500 and we'll also have more ties and OT losses then we've had in previous yrs where it was usually we won or lost outright so we will see a point improvement this yr.

And aside from that--is the playoff pack distancing itself from us???Are the 4,5,6,7 and 8th seeds tearing a$$???

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