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02-15-2012, 02:58 AM
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When You say Y is better than X, it's about their strengths as of now and not potential.

Are you trying to say that discussions about potential are non existent? I personally believe that Cam is better now AND in terms of potential. But Cam's potential is higher, and therefore the his trade value is higher. That's where this all started. It actually started in a trade proposal thread. Where DaDucks said Carle+some scrub was a great deal.

Or do you also say Yakupov is better than Iginla? I doubt anyone would trade Nail for Iginla, though.'s very possible that someone would trade an aging star for the first overall pick. The only thing is Columbus wouldn't do it because it doesn't help their future. The statement should be. Doubt anyone accepts Iginla FOR Nail.

We never really had a discussion about who of Cam or Luca have higher upside, because every one who knows the game of hockey votes for Fowler as of now. So it makes no sense that you wanted to prove who has the higher ceiling.

And this conversation has been ongoing longer than you have been involved. You kind of just attacked me mid argument. I don't really intend to prove who has the higher ceiling. The whole world of hockey KNOWS who has higher potential.

There are holes in Sbisa's game? Wow, that's disgusting, I've never seen a 21yo Dman making mistakes.

The same can be said for DaDucks ripping the holes in Fowler's game. Relax. Even my statement shouldn't have been this inflammatory. I just pointed out that they BOTH have flaws. Take it easy

Exactly, Kuba sucks. Tell me why he sucks even more playing with the league leader in D-points. Or look up your own Lydman argument again, it's just proving my point that a very offensive D partner doesn't help your own production.

Lydman HAS offensive talent. As does Sbisa. You're trying to find the worst in the things I'm saying. I'm not saying Sbisa has no offensive talent, I'm just saying the production has spiked because of the player he is playing with. Kuba has almost negative offensive talent. I expect this production to become the norm from Luca when his game matures. But I think THIS year it's a product of the man he is playing with.

And yeah, I'm Luca Sbisa. I post on hfboards Ducks GDT's with my smartphone during intermission breaks.

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