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02-15-2012, 09:02 AM
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I have no idea what will actually happen. I think I'd still lean towards keeping him. If he could be re-signed at something like his current salary, then he's a decent option for us.

I really thought that he might get a new look with the new coach and that little streak he had going with Eller. But it seems like things have gone back to normal with him and his lineup roving again.

I'd probably be a bit more willing to overlook those space cadet games he has sometimes, especially if they come in a 5-0 win for us. He does have them at times. But he also has stretches where he's a top player for us. And everything in between. It adds up to a net positive to me, and I think that if we could just settle him onto a line and give him a bit more slack, we could at least have a chance at getting more of the positives from him.

But at the same time, if it's a strong seller's market and if we aren't trending back into the playoff race over the next couple weeks, I'd keep listening to offers. At some point, even with my generally positive impression of AK, I might take the right trade offer. I reckon with our coach's seemingly less positive impression of AK, it makes it even more likely he could be moved.

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