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11-11-2003, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
You try and make it seem as if Comrie can decide where he wants to play when this is much further from the truth in reality. Comrie may work out a perfect deal for himself with another "contender" but if Lowe doesn't feel the other club is offering enough value, the deal falls through. It eventually comes down to Lowe pulling the trigger. Even if Comrie continually refuses to come to terms with any teams, Lowe can just sit him and be done with it.
In my response I made no mention of Comrie making a deal for himself. My unstated assumption was that Lowe makes the deal so I seriously doubt he is then going to turn it down.

You're right, under the current CBA Lowe can just sit him. BOth sides lose in that event.

The person at risk with the new CBA is Lowe because according to you Comrie may never play again. That's fine, Comrie's position cannot get worse than it already is. depending upon the new CBA Lowe risks losing Comrie for nothing. Let's see who blinks.