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02-15-2012, 09:26 AM
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Ok, so i have a long ranting list to go over here:

I usually get my crappy easton skates sharpened to 7/16th hollow, and they are perfect after that. Used my new 6K's this morning for the first time at drop in, had them sharpened a couple days ago also at 7/16th, and they were so ****ing sharp it was almost impossible to skate. does blade quality or anything else factor in to this insane difference in feel based on two different pairs of skates? Just for reference, I am 6'2 and about 200lbs, so i know that 7/16ths is considered sharp for my weight.

Secondly, the 6K's are super stiff which feels awesome off the ice, but when i got on, even after waasting 20 min of drop in getting them resharpened to 1/2 inch, it felt like my first time skating...ever. I know they pitch forward a bit more, but i think i've ended up just adapting to a flimsy skate, and now that i have supportive skates i am useless on the ice.

Someone tell me i'm not crazy, or if there is something i should know switching from a 50 dollar pair of skates to the 6K's. As of right now i feel like i have to almost learn to skate over again with these things. Any help is much appreciated, thanks

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