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02-15-2012, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Drake1588 View Post
I'm in the same boat, and am conflicted.

At the beginning of ME2, didn't they actually give you the option, after importing your character, to retcon your past actions?

e.g. You import your same character, who looks the same, but they give you the option of altering to whom you were loyal throughout the previous game, who you allowed to die at a few key moments, and who survived?

I think you can import but alter to whom you were loyal, at least going by the ME2 import process. That sounds really appealing, rather than leveling another character to 60 just to avoid crossing the streams.
In ME2 the only decision you make at start (other than your class, which was nice to be able to change) is Anderson vs. Udina for the council... because that is a decision that occurred after the final save during ME1 (and hence is impossible to import). Assuming you mean the 360 version, since the PS3 got that interactive comic thingy to make those decisions.

For the PC there will probably be a dummy background creator tool, just like there was for DA2, made by the modding community. Nice to be able to see all of the choices spelled out and mix and match. Going through both games (perhaps twice, if you want all the level bonuses) to get the perfect setup is rather daunting if you regret anything about your previous saves.

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