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Originally Posted by sansbruit View Post

I've been in Lyon, France for just over a month now and I met a girl when I first arrived and recently we've talking and spending lots of time together. We'd talk/flirt almost everyday online for 4-5 hours until way past midnight and she'd come over and I'd cook for her and then cuddle together to watch a movie.

Today for Valentine's Day her friends and I met up to go sing KTV and I bought a flower for her and she asked me how come you didn't buy a flower for the other 2 girls?
And later she said she would've been even more happier if I had bought the other 2 girls a flower

qu'est-ce qui s'est passť?
Alright buddy I'll tell you what I know about asian women...

I've been dating an asian girl for over 5 years now and I'm not even asian which makes it 10 times harder for us to even be considered as bf material (because asian girls date asian guys 90% of the time.)

Step 1: Know that it's a process; meaning it wont happen in one day or 2 because you got her something on valentine's day. It's a process and every girl is different in her own way so you have to understand the girl and study her before you make your move. You have to pick up on her body language, what she says and how she reacts to certain questions you ask her or certain things you do to have to learn how to read between the lines but NOT too much...

Anyways, I met my gf in one of my classes (linear algebra to be precise), so I asked her for her notes and got her phone number a couple of classes later, next thing you know we go out for lunch during breaks and all that stuff. We were flirting too by txt messages and chatting on MSN.

At this point all this means nothing to the girl. I was thinking hey man this girl really wants me and all that, but later on I found out that at this point in our friendship she thought of me as just a friend...a class buddy (I asked her 2 years ago and thats how I found out). Where me on the other hand I'm telling my friends that I think this girl really likes me (yeah guys are stupid like that)... So you go to the next step!

Step 2: Ask her out! Ask her out! tell her let's go out for ''Drinks'' one day after the semester is over, or after class, you get the point! See how she reacts to that and look at her body language. I had to bring her to my house when my family was on vacation and get drunk with her. The plan originally was to get some drinks and watch movies but that didn't happen...We drank and next thing I know we were on my bed cuddling drunk...Then guess what? before we did anything she pulled the question ''Do you love me?''

If she ever asks you that question...Its very tricky because if you say no you wont be getting anything, but if you say yes then you told her you loved her. Me I said ''me??...I ADORE you!'' (very well played)

I asked her right after if SHE loves me, and she was like nope! even if she likes you and thinks your cute and all that she will say no just to **** with your brain and see how you react. I personally believe that before dating a girl every question is a test to see how you are and how you react to certain situations.

Step 3: Girls dont know what they want, they know what they feel or how you make them feel. If you're always busting out sweet lines and being cute all the time and make her blush occasionally. Your doing good...You have to bring up the sex talk every once in a while (not too much) just to make sure you're not on her friends zone as someone mentioned earlier. You have to be agressive at times but be a gentleman if you sense she doesn't like something your doing...Don't be afraid to ask her out and be blunt (but depending on the girl some girls like that and others dont). It's always good to be confident and if she ever rejects play it like as if nothing bothers you and it's have to be in your ultimate pimp mode.

So long story short man, if she said something because she was with her friends and said she would have been happier if you got her friends dont mean ****! You tell her something sweet and make her feel special...she has to be feeling like peaches N cream!

It's a long process and if you act cute (cuz asian girls love that), play your cards right, have a solid game plan set up and understand that women don't know WTF they'll be fine!


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