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02-15-2012, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Braden Carlzner View Post
I'm sorta confused on te problem.
I beat ME1 and was able to import just find, and then beat ME2.
Plan to import him into ME3

I've also started a ME1 2nd play through as a renegade vanguard... Wanted to beat that and me2, with all side missions before ME3, but with the ME3 demo and Skyrim, those plans have really stalled.
It's more about metagaming. Playing ME2 you see which choices in ME1 mattered, and get kind of an inkling for which ones will matter even more in ME3. If you didn't make those choices, or didn't build the way you want to, you've got to go back and play through again and do it the right way.

Which is fine. It's fun to go back and go through it again after a long time off. Refresh yourself with the mechanics and get re-immersed a bit. But it can be tedious if you really want to go all-out and get things down perfectly.

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