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02-15-2012, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Bennrocks View Post
Apparently joe has had talks with howson... if we give up our first im gonna rage
I told myself I was going to see how long it would take me before I posted in this thread, but god dammit you make it hard guys.

Originally Posted by Ambassador Of Fun View Post
Carter for Besko/Bachman/Campbell + Glennie + Vincour + 2nd/Smith/Smith/Chaisson
Hell no AoF, hell no.

I would rather Joe make a play for Nash than Carter, but if we give up a first and some futures for Nash or Carter, I will be very very disappointed in management and will probably go join a different fanbase. I hear the Panthers need more fans and might actually make the playoffs too! Brassard or Vermette, as UP just mentioned, would be the most logical decision, because we need to increase our long term depth rather than shell out huge for a single top end talent. You don't succeed in the "new NHL" by doing that. (Before you say, but look at the Rangers! They drafted the only thing keeping them at the top, plus most of their depth and futures like Staal and MDZ, and didn't trade for Gaborik or Richards)

We have a relatively loaded prospect pool right now. Even with all the misgivings towards Glennie, Oleksiak and Campbell, we're in good shape with high reward picks. Our future winger depth is excellent with Chiasson, Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith (this is a joke, we only have two Smiths) and our defense depth looks very promising with Larsen, Nemeth, Oleksiak, etc. Some of these guys have had tons of time to develop and deserve a chance in the NHL. We've been riding veterans so hard these past few years, and we've let a lot of serviceable talent walk or be wasted.

So, Joe, if you ever read this, please don't let me be misunderstood, make the right move and stay out of this Nash or Carter mess no matter what. It's over for our old guard, and the depth you picked up can't right this ship anymore.

Bring on The Scott Glennie.

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