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02-15-2012, 02:22 PM
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I prefer that the policticians invest money rather then keep it for their reitrement fund. There's enough corruption as it is and they already have a good enough retirement plan. I really don't care on what and where they spend it, in times that they use it to help our society in general.

You can always come up and say they aren,t investing enough in healthcare. Well teh Saint-Eustache hospital is getting an improvement, they are building a brand new wing to the hospital for secretaries. How is it helping hte healthcare system at all? How many secretaries does a doctor need to do his job? It's not because you invest in healthcare that the government spends it wisely.

Instead of creating false jobs for some woman who can't find a real job otherwise, I'd rather have a community who can enjoy a brand new arena.

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