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02-15-2012, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
Players are asked to waive their NTC or NMC all the time in the NHL though. If a team comes to you and says we have an offer for you, would you want to go there. That player is definitely going to feel not wanted.

I am in the boat that Briere will be a Flyer until his contract is up, but I wouldn't put a guarantee of him ending it here.
That is true but you still see players fight this. Kaberle was asked to waive his years ago and refused to. Sundin did the same thing. Dan Boyle who had a NTC in Tampa was asked to also but refused and they literally threatened to put him on waivers were he would likely have ended up on the Thrashers at the time.

Obviously I don't know Briere personally but when you consider the following...

- Rejected the Sabres who would not offer a long term deal.
- Rejected the Habs who offered more money at a cap hit of 7 million to 8.1 million per season.
- Took the longer contract with the NMC in Philadelphia and did admit he liked what the organization was doing as well as how the length was important to him.
- Has limited contact with the front office on a regular basis.
- Has friends on the team and likely in the area unrelated to hockey.
- Has a few teenage sons, most kids don't like leaving there friends and girlfriends to start over.

So even if the front office asked him to waive it you have to wonder if he would listen to someone he has limited contact with over his own immediate situation involving himself and those directly involved in his life.

Plus players with those clauses sometimes kill there own value because only a few teams can even bid for them, like when we pushed Gagne out the door Tampa Bay was the only team that was biding on him so there was no value on Gagne. Or like what happened with Heatley when he refused to go to Edmonton and in general left a very limited biding market.

IMO the only way Briere waives his NMC is if he is in the final year of his contract and still wants to play hockey and get a new contract the next year but is being buried in the depth chart kind of like Knuble this year.

Originally Posted by nitroglycerin View Post
I said it was a pipe dream. Did you miss it?
Nope. You were complaining about my comment on Briere finishing his contract as a Flyer.

My question is what makes you think Briere will not finish his contract here? And how do you think they will move him?

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