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02-15-2012, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Oedi View Post
I think it is unfair to label Asians because they came to cheer in your homecourt with someone they can identify with. Not to mention it is a good story to boot. And for the people who think Asians don't know anything about basketball? Get your bigoted head out of your *****. Anyways, the Chinese community in Radio and TV has been rooting on him because he is Asian and they feel like they have a cultural identification with him. Man do you know how hard it is to be Asian and be called too short or too weak to play basketball. Lin went through all these problems that many Asians had and he succeeded and Asians are proud of that. The guy wasn't even drafted. Asians had Yao Ming but since he retired now no one else is around and with Lin, he basically replaced that hole for Asians-North Americans to fill. And not to mention he actually grew up here instead of in China so tons of Asian people in Markham can identify him. You people need to grow up. The raptors are a crappy team and you can't expect a group of people who are marginalized in sports to cheer for a crappy team over someone they can get behind and cheer for. Lin is a humble, smart and charismatic player and deserves this hype.

If you want people to cheer the Raptors, buy a ticket and go there yourself. People who went last night felt they were getting their bang for the buck cheering for Lin so grow up and don't belittle other people for who they cheer for and even using racism when it wasn't just Asian fans cheering after that shot. People who buy tickets can cheer for whoever the hell they want. Grow up and be mature with these special set of circumstances. The Asian community are just as passionate about basketball as anyone else but they never had anyone to identify with. Lin provides an outlet for many Asian - Americans and Asian-Canadians to support. People including Asians will cheer for the Raptors if they ever become a winning team. Not everyone wants to suffer through the "bad" years just to be a hardcore fan.
whatever, I didn't say every Asian doesn't know a thing about basketball. Clearly, they do. But I bet good money that most of the bandwagonners that were there didn't know a thing, other than, he's good and he's Asian.

If that Bhullar kid becomes anything in the association, and he comes to play the Raptors, I'll boo the **** out of him. It was like watching a Devils game with Rangers fans dominating.

I can't wait until he fades back to mediocrity.

I'm sure my hatred stems from the fact he's a Knick, and a Harvard *********. And don't get me started on the God thing. Every time Tebow does it, I shake my head as well. Keep your religious opinions to yourself.

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