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02-15-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
don`t you cheer on the devils when they`re in the acc

i agree with the points you`re trying to make, but they shouldn`t be coming from someone like yourself

it`s not like you`re `all in` when it comes to the local teams
It's not even the same situation there, pal.

I'm not going to drown out the ACC, because I'm just one person. The ACC is never going to be cheering like the home team won when the Devils win in OT.

Last night, it was like they played at the God damned Garden.

And for the record, I don't go to the ACC when the Devils come in town. I go to Buffalo, it's cheaper and I sit on the glass. I used to go to ACC until I discovered that the FNC in Buffalo is a God send.

And lastly, I am "all-in" on local teams. There used to be a time when the Devils/Leafs didn't give a **** about each other being in different conferences and all. So, I could cheer for both teams. I want the Leafs to do well, but when it comes to the Devils and head to head battles, I'm not cheering the Leafs over the Devils. And if it comes down to the playoffs, no chance in hell. But, if the Devils are out and the Leafs are on a run, I will hope they beat Detroit, or whatever the West has to offer.

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