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02-15-2012, 03:57 PM
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Tyler S is just to fast for most of the players on the team, Brad Marchard is the only one that can keep up.
Tyler S should be a center leading the attack in the offence zone he is a very good passer and can shoot the heck out of the puck.

Here is my lines.

Lucic, Bergeron David K I think David K can benefit from Bergeron and his relentless play. I would be a good d line too. Bergeron can feed the puck and shoot, Lucic can slam it and, and DK can pass intill the cows come home. I also do not care that DK is a center offensive players like Dk can play wing.

Brad Marchard Tyler S Caron I know people are gonna think that breaks up the Bergeron line, right now we have one good line thats it. You are not gonna get very far with that. 3 deceit lines and one good line does not cut it. This would give up 2 good lines with potential on the third

Paille Kelly Peverley

Thorton Campbell insert inspiring rookie here give someone a shot. Or crazy thought Corvo at LW hes certainly has more Offensive skill than D.

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