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11-11-2003, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
Indeed, both sides do lose. However, the problem is which one loses more? Comrie and his career? Or Lowe and his one player asset? Which is easier to bounce back from? Judging from the CBC interview, looks like Comrie is starting to blink already.
Well said momentai. IMO, Comrie loses no matter what the outcome - he may start seeing benefits 5+ years down the road, here is why I think he cannot win in the short to mid term:

Comrie will benefit by:

- proving to people in Edmonton & the Oilers org. that he can get his way.
- will get out of the hometown fishbowl

Comrie will not benefit in that:

- will have to lower his salary demands to be moved (which it looks like he's doing already)
- almost every other team in the league either has a top line centre to play ahead of Comrie - especially contenders
- there are many other coaches with a worse reputation with players than MacT
- he will need to overcome the perception that he is a difficult player, and if he cannot do so quickly it could ruin his career. If he's riding pine in his new city, he may become a Valery Kamensky.

The only thing in my mind that needs to be answered is whether Lowe can make this a Win-Lose scenario, or if it's a no-win on both sides.

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