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11-11-2003, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
Teams have to negotiate with both Lowe and Rich Winter first. I agree. But when it comes down to it.. the only teams willing to offer anything to Lowe MUST come to contract terms before accepting the deal.
Absolutely, though I'd change "MUST" to "MUST, unless they are extremely foolish". Mike Comrie is an unsigned free agent, any team interested in trading for him is free to speak to both Winter and Comrie.

This is where Comrie has leverage ... he can make ridiculous salary demands to any team that he doesn't want to play for.

IMO this is quite a simple situation. In order for Lowe to optimize the return for Comrie he must maximize the size of the market. And he can't do that until Comrie signs an Oiler contract.

Comrie will never play another game as an Oiler, I have no doubt about that, but he should sign a one-year Oiler contract and hold out. That would make it much easier for Lowe to trade him for a good return.

Why doesn't Comrie do this? There can only be one reason ... he wants to be able to short-list the teams he is willing to play for.

I think Lowe should leave Comrie sitting until he signs an Oiler contract and holds out ... just for business reasons. And if Comrie is not willing to do this, let him sit until he is. However long that may be.

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